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Hello, Storyteller!

Thank you for visiting!  This is Marta Boulden. 

I’m a Story Consultant who empowers screenwriters like you to do your best, most meaningful work.  


Using analysis and education, my great hope is that you feel valued and inspired as your story vision clarifies and your narrative naturally transforms.

You have a meaningful story to tell.  I can help you tell it in the most artful, compelling way possible.

Your Screenplay Matters!

Certified by Hollywood Gatekeepers as a Screenreader, I understand what goes into a script that is well-received by the industry.  My love for writing, film and the pivotal role storytelling has had in my life anchors my commitment to mastery and to you, the screenwriter.  Storytelling has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  Life gets complicated, though.  I once thought my capacity to write had left me. 

Discovering screenplays as a form was a gift and my creative heart came back to life.

I enjoy people and love to see your strengths and skills evolve through education, insight and practical application.  As I connect with you, communicating well about our shared human experience is important to me.  I bring empathy and strategic thinking to my work, providing you with actionable, solutions-based feedback and direction.

Good storytelling engages with complex, vulnerable topics and ideas.  A screenplay needs to explore and express concepts clearly and artfully, through painting with words meant to become moving pictures.

I believe our stories and dreams are essential.

I look forward to working with you as you generously share and live out yours. 

Commission me to provide you with my coverage and personalized feedback service, called EmpowerNotes.  I'll grab a piece of dark chocolate and dig into your brave words.  Your vision is priority, as my shared expertise equips you to master your craft.

Meaningful stories matter.  Your screenplay matters.

Be inspired,

Marta Boulden

S  T  O  R  Y    C  O  N  S  U  L  T  A  N  T

I am a graduate of the Hollywood Gatekeepers program.

 I have received complete training in screenplay analysis and promise to abide by the Screenreader’s Creed.

- Marta Boulden