A gold pen, helpful for writing down important thoughts.

I am choosing joy and excellence in my work and personal life.

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 You have dreams and goals to pursue. There is so much to do and aspire to be. You want to be good at what you do. You want excellence. You dream of excellence, but it scares you. Can the discomfort of pursuing excellence coexist with joy? Or is it an outcome of excellence? Happily, it can be a little of both.

Dreaming feels wonderful. You have a story inside you and you imagine all the ways it could play out on the page, on the screen, on awards night. But success is hard work and, instinctively, you know this. Doesn't it feel good to start something new? Perhaps it's a screenwriting course or a new script you're starting. That fresh page is inviting you with possibilities. Stay in those possibilities.

Possibilities, links, and connections all fuel creativity. You can add to the list everything you feel good about, everything you're grateful for. But many times the newness of it all, the learning process and the "not there yet" of it all is uncomfortable. Keep that process moving and write it all down, even the messy stuff. When that messy stuff comes up, it'll often bring fear as a companion. Write that down too. Journal it. Grab a piece of paper and put those thoughts and fears down so you can see them and reckon with them.

You don't have to keep them. Did you know that? That list of thoughts and fears aren't all true, nor do they serve you. But the good things and the gratitude, they energize you. So you get to choose which thoughts to keep and which thoughts need to shift. This journey is a wonderful transformation of your life and future. You can feel joy in the process.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: If it's easier for you to journal daily by using an app on your phone, I like the Gratitude app. It allows you to write as much as you need and gives journaling prompts if you're stuck for content. You can also write daily affirmations to remind yourself of your own value and strengths. Those lessons come every day if we stop and listen. The color options on the app are also fun and energizing. I love color!


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