Daring to grow and be seen by the world.

I am growing and learning about myself every day. I like who I am finally getting to know.

beliefs confidence discomfort goals growth procrastination schedule screenwriting Feb 01, 2021

Something happens when you step out into the world you're meant to live in. When you commit to exploring and setting goals, you move forward with confidence. A fulfilling life is opening up to you. The best part of this process is the self-awareness you will develop over time.

Some things will go well, others not so smoothly. Both are normal, both are essential. You need to discover the limits of your comfort zone when you push yourself. Sometimes the discomfort surprises you.

Often the obstacles to learning and setting a regular time each day for writing will sneak up on you. They'll reveal inner conflicts hidden in your subconscious mind. As distracting as this can feel, it's important to pay attention and identify what is holding us back. Usually the thoughts underneath them are lies or old beliefs that no longer serve us.

Uncover those thought processes and patterns that hold you back from your goals. Find what chokes out meaningful action, then do the weeding. Daily attention makes this easier. You'll find and make room for the person you truly are and were always meant to be.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: Review your creative goals on a regular basis. Remind yourself why these goals matter and prioritize them in your day. When distractions and procrastination come, explore what's underneath the inactivity. It may be fear or stress, perhaps just resistance to the unfamiliar. A focused mind and creative thinking thrive on allowing yourself to risk and try new things.


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