Get energized by your morning routine and a warm mug..

I am wise and making healthy decisions for myself.

body brain emotions energy health inspiration productivity Jan 01, 2021

 The artistic life is often a lonely one. It requires self-love and strength of character to make good decisions for ourselves. We first must recognize the importance of our emotional and physical health. For your inspiration and art to flow through you, plan to take care of yourself.

Learning something new or applying new ideas requires a clear mind and physical energy. Be wise with your time but also with your emotions. Lack of skill at managing disruptions happens both in our schedule and our minds. Often, both are connected.

Procrastination comes in many forms, but they all link to one thing, lack of attention to our emotional state. We avoid necessary tasks for many reasons. Awareness of our mental and emotional content is key. Building a solid routine of self-care habits is foundational to building productivity skills.

Prime your brain and body for action in the morning. Spend time moving your body, meditating or reflecting and reading. That first hour of your day is important. Drink water and eat a nutritious breakfast to give yourself the best chance to meet your goals for the day.

CREATIVITY CATALYST:  It doesn't take a lot of time to get brain and body boosters into your morning. One hour is enough. Spend 20 minutes moving your body when you wake up. Follow that with 20 minutes of reflection through meditation/prayer or journaling. In the last 20 minutes, learn something new or do something mentally challenging. Reading a new book works. I also like to use a daily brain training app called Elevate during this time.


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