I am a victor over fear.

beliefs choices confidence discomfort fear feelings growth mindset purpose self-worth vulnerability Oct 01, 2021

You know what fear feels like. You understand the toll it can take on daily experiences, even choices for the future. 

You also know that no one wants fear to rule their life, so the common conversation around fear is how to feel it less, or not at all. Self-help leaders share their views and remedies, but so many of us remain afraid. Is it possible to do away with fear?

To address this, I think we need to answer another question first. What are we afraid of? What thing out there is so terrible that we shy away from the new and the possible, just to maintain the status quo? Most would say failure is their greatest thing to fear. Failures come in many areas of our lives and leave us feeling great disappointment, often over significant loss. Sometimes the trauma of loss leaves lasting marks on the heart and mind, conditioning us to expect the worst, even if the worst never comes. 

The worst case scenario rarely ever truly happens, however. We’re left with a choice, after days to years of timidity, to keep living with the anxiety of what could go wrong or to find another pathway allowing ourselves to hope for what could go right. That taking a risk might just be worth it.

So, we risk. 

Eventually, we discover it’s not failure we’re afraid of, but vulnerability. Then the work of self-care can begin. Our lives fill up as new opportunities and relationships respond to our choice to be authentic. Curiosity and wisdom turn fear into excitement.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: What topics or scenarios have you been afraid to write about? What emotions feel “too real” to put into words? Get curious about these thoughts and feelings, then give them to two characters who can talk about them in a short scene of dialogue. Or long. Make it as long as you need it to be.


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