Hands outstretched to the sky.

I am bold enough to ask for what I need, knowing I will be heard and understood.

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Everyone has a story. Everyone has a story that matters. I believe this wholeheartedly, even though an industry devoted to the grandest of entertainment might cause us to think otherwise.

Why is it that so many of us think our lives and ideas are too small to be of interest to others? I certainly grew up believing that. Did you?

While it’s helpful to not feel alone in this, it’s disheartening to see how many people reach adulthood without a healthy understanding of their identity and value. Power plays and politics play into this, to be sure, where those with resources and stability are seen as worthy of even more. It’s a broken system.

I've had to learn to understand my needs, to form healthy boundaries and to believe I matter. I have to love myself and others enough to be bolder with my presence. We face contradictory desires to make a difference in the world and yet not be a disruption. 

In storytelling, we need to let the fear of “bothering” people go. Embracing what matters to us, we need to write from the heart the stories that push against the status quo, stories that give voice to the unseen and unheard. People need to see that all stakes can be life or death to the one living the threat of that conflict. 

I want a world where no one feels invisible. I know what this feels like and, believe me, there are far too many others who understand this experience too.  Perhaps you're one of them.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: What story have you considered writing, but you were told or believed the premise or protagonist were just not significant enough to spend time on? Go back to that story or character and ask yourself what makes them valuable. Why were you considering them? What secret is that character or piece of story hiding from the world? Find out what makes you care. Then write.


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