splashing water

I am learning to thrive and that is becoming my new lifestyle.

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Winter is approaching quickly. In the middle of the increasing darkness and cold outside, it's easy to lose sight of sunshine's light and warmth. So spare at the moment, but it's ours in abundance just a few short months from now. It's raining heavily outside and, on days like today, I take the abundance of water for granted.

When summer arrives, the sound of moving water refreshes. Against the heat that pushes our thirst to the surface, water is welcomed as the essential element it is. Nothing of our constant need for water has changed, but our perception of it has.

Every winter, it seems we long for spring. Earth's cycle of life, death and renewal feels so inconvenient, we forget its innate purpose of fostering growth and health in our natural resources. Being in process fosters our own personal growth and health, as well.  But being in process is messy.

No one wants to see us during our fall and winter moments, do they? We can hardly bear them ourselves. We live out days where our circumstances are changing, desires are crumbling and we hardly know ourselves anymore. But spring always comes back. Facing the world again feels easier.

Others can know of our struggles, encouraging the easier reality that we've yet again survived them.  The whole process of pain and healing is the reality, though. The  sooner we come to grips with this, the better.

Our stories, like the ones we write, are a constant conflict with obstacles, some easier than others to overcome. Striving for perfection, the imperfect fruit of gradual growth can feel dissatisfying, like too much cold and wet on a winter's day. We want to be perfectly productive, but we can only give from who we are in the moment, letting the moving water we need for life constantly flow through us. 

Someday that needs to be enough.

CREATIVITY CATALYST:  Have you ever felt shame over your struggle with hard times in your life? Has it been easier to hide the struggle from others rather than show vulnerability? Who has been a safe person you can share your struggles with? Think back to a difficult time in your life and try to outline the stages you went through in order to heal. Spend time journaling and consider the kind of story arc you'd create for a character going through similar circumstances.

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