A lone dandelion being held up to the sun.

I am not alone.

confidence feelings loneliness mindset purpose self-worth writing Jun 01, 2021


Serendipity struck this May. I plan the topic of my blog posts months in advance, so you can imagine my smile as the trailer for Dear Evan Hanson, the film version of the Tony award-winning musical, was released just as I was gearing up to write this blog post for June. If you can't imagine my smile based on such limited information, no spoilers, but let's just say the title of this post is sung repeatedly before the trailer comes to an end. Evan Hanson is not alone - and neither are you.

I know it sounds cliche to tell the relative strangers who find this blog that they aren't alone, but I have proof. You know all those films you've watched and either loved or hated but were inspired by just the same? People just like you wrote those. Just like you, they aspired to write films as good as or better than the ones they'd seen. 

The road to turning those screenplays into films wasn't easy, but they all started with pen on paper, fingers on a keyboard. They put their lives, hearts and experiences into story form to share with a wider world than their own circle of influence. Why? Because stories are universal and the great irony is that the more detailed and specific the writing is, the more universal it becomes. Films are written about loneliness, about every trial and conflict reflecting our common needs and desires.

So write from your own experiences, place yourself in the shoes of those around you and go on an adventure. Connect to your longing and desire for connection with others. We all live with that and are afraid of it at times. Embrace the unknown of what you'll write and share, then commit to its excellence. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. You are not alone. 

CREATIVITY CATALYST:  Dandelions are weeds, right? Everyone doing their best to create a lush, green, uniform, manicured lawn says so. But dandelions through the ages have been valued for their edibility, not just for their nutritional content, but their medicinal properties. Write about a time you felt you didn't belong where your roots were planted. What "sameness" was expected of you? How did this resolve? Maybe it didn't. Maybe your uniqueness is a story of triumph, regardless. Write about that. Paint your brave soul on the page.

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