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I am worthy of being seen and wanted for who I am and all I have to offer.

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I have a confession to make. This affirmation of myself and my place in the world is a tough one for me. Just when I think I've scaled the mountain of making peace with my self-worth and place in the world, I look out to the vista and see the same view. That same valley of insecurity. Is the vantage point a little higher this time? Often I can't tell.

The truth is, most of us , raised even with a moderately normal upbringing, struggle long-term with the question of our value and purpose. We so want to leave that valley behind. Perhaps the goal isn't to arrive at any particular destination with the topic, but to make a decision that our value and purpose are true and real, lived out through our presence and choices every day. 

The starting point requires that we choose not to shut our eyes closed tight and hide. And that can be enough of a struggle. Are your eyes open? Does even the urge to write help you realize that you have something valuable to share, that deep down you want to share? Hold on to that realization, it's a precious one. 

Putting thoughts to paper feels vulnerable. Something inside us is now visible. Writing is the miracle of words creating the substance of what humanity holds as secret. This bravery is that precious thing, loving ourselves enough to share our secrets. Step two involves trusting them to be received with love. Not there yet? That's okay. It'll come, usually in unpredictable waves between rewriting sessions.

We writers strive, strive as storytellers, to be the word-painters of our dreams. Our work can feel so personal, we think no one else will find value in its pages. If you have a screenplay like that, bless the moment by trusting that your story, in all its sharp detail, will bless others living different, but very human lives.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: Is there a screenplay hidden away in a drawer somewhere that you're unsure of, that you're afraid to let anyone see? Maybe it's been a while since you've read it. Dig it out, read it with fresh eyes, then consider its creative potential from the more distant perspective you can have now. You've lived a bit more life since you wrote it. Allow this new evolution of your mind and heart to find the gold in your words. It's there. It may be a scene, a character, a conflict, a line... But it's there.

If you need me, I'm here too.


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