A dandelion gone to seed.

I am courageously learning to love and be loved as I give to my world.

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Have you ever thought of art as a loving act?  As writers we tell stories because we  enjoy it and, let's face it, finding new insights and methods to master the craft feels good.  Once we're happy with what we've written, the urge to share it comes into play.  Is  it any good? Should I enter  a contest?  Could  what I've created really be made into a film?

When those ideas  cross your mind, your work has entered a new phase of existence.  You recognize your art no longer exists as a private pursuit.  It becomes something for others. 

This transition from private to public feels much more pronounced early in our writing experience, but  let  me suggest another option to explore as you learn and grow.  What if writing a screenplay started as a loving enterprise for others from the very beginning?  What if our stories emerging onto the page were loving gifts to ourselves for carrying these narratives in our hearts and minds?  What if sharing our work became an act of love to the world? Our stories have the power to elevate the human experience and impact lives.

If this point of view brings up some feelings of insecurity in you, you're not alone. Every risk we take in our lives comes with consequences. The risk to grow in your mindset and craft does come with the potential for mistakes. But learning requires exposure to perceived failures that must be reframed as lessons on the road to mastery. Granting yourself the freedom to learn and the vulnerability to let the world in on your process enables empathy to flourish.

CREATIVITY CATALYST:  Remember the dandelion metaphor from last month?  You are that dandelion still. Some may see little value in what you have to offer. You're that weed on their lawn. No matter. Like a dandelion gone to seed, keep sharing what you have to offer and it may take root. Keep learning. Love yourself enough to know the process is worth it.  Like the dandelion, your storytelling matures and may some day be nutrition or medicine to someone else's soul.  It's all about love. 


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