The butterfly symbolizes transformation.

I am learning new mindset skills.

dreams growth mindset screenwriting transformation Nov 01, 2020

 When did you first realize films and screenplays fascinated you? For a lot of us, the understanding that we can tell stories well comes early. The format seems to be an acquired taste over the years. Screenplays may be the most mysterious form of storytelling. They are the blueprint for moving pictures.

The internet gives us unprecedented access to screenplays today. We discover the unique format and special language of movies we love, some we hate. There might have been a voice inside one day that said "I could do that" as you left the theater. Some emotion, emanating from some thought, led to your decision to write a film.

Perhaps the voice said "I wish I could do that" and you set off to explore this new desire, this new life of your dreams. And your insides changed. You knew that who you had been wouldn't take you where you wanted to go. The skills were there, waiting to be discovered through education and experience. Your inner life needed a mindset shift, though, to make room for the discomfort of growth and success.  Transformation became a new adventure in your life and on the page.

CREATIVITY CATALYST: Begin the habit of visualization. See yourself living the life you want, the life you are educating and preparing for. Try spending a few minutes a day thinking about how good it will feel to realize your dreams. Feel the joy and the excitement, then let them fuel meaningful daily action toward your goals.


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