• Screenplay Feedback, Personalized for Your Feature-Length Script

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  • Screenplay Feedback, Personalized for Your Short-Length Script

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EmpowerNotes include...


The Cover


The first page gives 

information about your screenplay, a logline and summary evaluation of your work. An accompanying grid and reader rating give detail of this evaluation based on 7 criteria: premise, storyline, dialogue, characterization, structure, writing and originality.


The reader rating is a common feature in coverage. Readers working for executives, contests and other potentially high-level participants in the entertainment industry use this system to communicate whether a project as written is ready or valuable for production consideration.

Recommend: an excellent screenplay requiring few or no changes.

Consider:  a screenplay needing some work, but its story concept or other  feature is highly appealing.

Pass: a screenplay not ready or suitable for production. 

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Synopsis and


 Common to most coverages are the synopsis and expanded comments on the quality of the screenplay. Both sections hold importance for the screenwriter.  A synopsis will reflect how well the story and characters are written and understood. Comments give detail on the strengths and weaknesses of a screenplay.


A writer will use a reader's synopsis to gauge whether the storyline and characters are understood as written. Blind spots in the narrative can be uncovered and missing areas of detail or logic rectified. A synopsis reflecting back to you that the narrative and characters are what you intended  is valuable information.

EmpowerNotes comments will alert you to issues in your work reflecting important criteria, so your work can be improved and issues resolved before it is seen by other industry entities.

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Personalized Recommendations

EmpowerNotes give you more than the average coverage.  Personalized recommendations for development and improvement will help you gain confidence and insight that only access to personalized, professional expertise beyond your own perspective can give. Feedback confirms your story concept is viable, distinctly visual and communicated clearly to honor the intended goals of the narrative.

I will always affirm your writing strengths and what is working successfully in your screenplay on structural and deeper levels. Innovative recommendations and actionable steps allow you to stretch your creative skills and refine your unique voice within the narrative.

You can clarify any questions about your feedback by email within the week after receiving your PDF document.


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