The Cover Page: At-A-Glance Input

The first page of EmpowerNotes outlines descriptive information about your screenplay, gives a logline and summarizes an evaluation of the work. An accompanying grid and reader rating give at-a-glance detail of this evaluation based on 7 criteria: premise, storyline, characterization, dialogue, structure, writing and originality.

Reader Ratings

The rating system of Recommend, Consider or Pass is a common feature used in coverage. Readers who work for executives, contests and other potentially high-level participants in the entertainment industry use this system to communicate whether a project as written is ready or valuable for production consideration.

Recommend: an excellent screenplay requiring few or no changes that meets the needs of a particular entity.

Consider: a screenplay that needs some work, but its story concept or other significant feature is highly appealing to the industry.

Pass: a screenplay that is not ready or wanted for production. To avoid this rating, confirm that your work is of high quality and that recipients are interested in your genre of writing.

EmpowerNotes will alert you to issues in your screenplay reflecting these important criteria, so that your work can be improved and issues resolved before it is seen by contests or other high-stakes entities impacting your writing career.

Blogging from Your Published Site

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